Variety is the spice…

Posted January 30th, 2013 in Uncategorized by Mimi

The weather here on the coast of Maine this winter is certainly demonstrating that variety is the spice of life. Last week we barely got out of the single numbers, and today and tomorrow we’re flirting with 50 degrees. I’m sure there’s lots more real winter weather to come in the next couple of months, but I’m certainly enjoying this current respite from the deep freeze.

Here in the office, variety is also spicing up the workday. I’m currently completing a brochure and show-booth banner for a Maine boatbuilder, a brochure for a spectacular coastal campground, and new labels for a variety of food products offered by a local restaurant. I’ve recently finished writing website text for a company that creates wonderful natural, organic skin oils in the south of France, and am creating an ongoing blog detailing the voyage of a 90-foot motor yacht heading from the Caribbean to the South Pacific to spend the next year exploring and chartering in French Polynesia, Fiji, and Tonga. For AAA’s Northern New England Journey magazine, I’m working on an article on the butterfly garden in Southwest Harbor, which — along with the South Pacific blog — is definitely providing a vicarious escape from wintertime.

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