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Specializing in Travel & Hospitality Ashore & Afloat

Digital or printed, a good brochure means more business. We can provide yours in digital form (as a pdf), as a printed piece, or both.

The digital brochure can be posted on your website so visitors can view, download, email, and/or print it. It is also perfect for emailing as an attachment.

The printed brochure remains the most convenient and quickest way to show people what you offer. It’s also the proactive way to get people to your website, rather than waiting and hoping they stumble onto it. We can even create a QR code for you for direct access to your website via smartphone. We offer a broad spectrum of options, whether your budget calls for a small, one-color flyer or a large-format, multi-paged booklet.

We will create a custom piece that effectively communicates your message, showcases the subject, and accomplishes your goals. Our copywriting is polished and persuasive. Our designs are fresh and full of impact.

Thanks to fast, high-quality, short-run digital printing technology, we can print your brochure in any quantity you need, no matter how small: 100, 50, 25—even one at a time. Printing small quantities also means you can update text and information as required before another printing. You also don’t need a lot of storage space. Digital printing is very affordable, too. We’ll be happy to give you a quote. We can of course also handle traditional printing of your brochure in larger numbers—1,000, 2,000, or as many as you’d like.

We have been creating fine brochures for very pleased clients for two decades. Our specialties include the luxury yachting industry, lodging and dining establishments, and retirement communities. However, we serve a wide range of clients including those involved with such disparate products and services as windjammer cruises, day spas, small boats, wine, artisanal crafts, shipyards, jewelry, and horticulture. We are flexible, versatile, and imaginative. Please contact us to discuss your brochure project. It would be a pleasure to work with you on it.

Especially for charter yachts…

Digital or printed, a good brochure means more charters.

Here’s why:

A digital brochure . . . 


. . . is an impressive enhancement to your website.

Post the digital brochure on your website as a pdf. It’s a succinct presentation that can easily be viewed, downloaded, printed out, and emailed to others. We can convert the pdf to an animated flipbook, too.

. . . is great for emailing.

Yacht charter brokers and managers love having this marketing tool! It’s so easy to attach a low-resolution pdf of the brochure to every email sent to potential charter guests.

. . . can make your yacht stand out among formatted listings.

Those listings all look the same for every yacht. Make yours stand out from the rest with a link to your digital brochure.

. . . can be your website.

If you don’t already have a website, a digital brochure provides a quick, easy, and effective way to create one.

A printed brochure…

. . . is convenient.

A printed brochure is the easiest, most immediately effective way to introduce people to your yacht right as you speak to them.

. . . is the proactive way to get people to your website.

Rather than waiting and hoping people will stumble onto your website — and worrying that your search-engine rankings aren’t as good as your competitors’ — you put your yacht and all its best features in front of potential charterers in a visually compelling way. After they see your brochure, they go straight to your website. We can even create a QR code for you for direct access to your website via smartphone.

. . . shows that you’re serious about chartering.

When people see your professional and polished brochure, they know you are committed to providing guests with a charter experience that is professional from start to finish.

. . . will please your guests.

They’ll eagerly show your printed brochure to their friends and family. They’ll display it on their coffee table and show it off as they tell people what a fantastic cruise they had.

. . . demonstrates that you subscribe to the highest standards.

It’s the extra touches that set your yacht apart. You pamper guests with the finest linens, designer toiletries, and attentive personal service. Place a printed brochure in each stateroom and give them a thoughtful, welcoming introduction to the yacht and a very desirable memento they’ll want to take with them.

. . . enhances word-of-mouth recommendations, which lead directly to new bookings.

When your guests’ friends see the brochure, they’ll want to charter your yacht, too!

. . . is  just the thing to give to qualified interested individuals.

When people ask about your yacht, give them a brochure. It’ll drive them to your website.

. . . is the perfect piece to hand out at boat shows.

A business card might have your web address on it, but it doesn’t compel people to visit your website the way a brochure does.